Oil Additives

Every kilometer driven costs a tiny bit engine. By friction. This can be demonstrated by fine wear particles in the engine oil. LIQUI MOLY oil additives reduces that.

Since more than half a century motor oil contains additives. Even a straightforward mineral oil that is way too poor for many modern engines consists of 15 per cent additives. Modern high tech motor oils consist of up to 25 per cent additives. Without additives no motor oil could do its job. The application of additional additives may be helpful for a number of reasons
Preserving and fuel saving:
Every engine suffers from wear – mile for mile – because of the friction of movable engine parts. In the motor oil you find small abrasion particles and in the motor itself you can see with a microscope that the metal surface is not clean but coarse and fissured. That reduces the engine’s life time. Preventative you can apply preserving additives to minimize friction and wear. For example LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec is a high tech ceramic wear protection that reduces fuel consumption and increases the engine’s life time. A similar performance show LIQUI MOLY’s Oil Additive and also Motorprotect. In gear boxes ensure Gearprotect and Getriebeöl Additiv (gearbox additive) evened tooth flanks and thereby softer changing gears.
Oil loss:
If your vehicle looses oil aged engine sealing may be the reason. Help is coming from LIQUI MOLY Öl Verlust Stop (oil loss stop). This additive regenerates brittle sealing and makes it soft and smooth again thus stopping the oil loss. Once poured into the motor oil the agents need about 400 miles on the road to take effect. There is a similar product for gear box oil.
Contaminated oil circulation:
Over the time ash, soot, and wear debris accumulate in the motor oil – one of the reasons for regular oil changes. These particles build up sedimentations in the oil circulation and may seriously hamper the lubrication – to the point of engine breakdown. Help is coming from LIQUI MOLY Öl Schlamm Spülung (oil sludge flush). 120 miles ahead of the planned oil change pour it into the motor oil. The detergents dissolve the sediments that afterwards are drained together with the used oil. For modern vehicles there is the Pro - Line Motorspülung (engine flush). There you need to run the engine only a few minutes at idle power after having it added and then do the oil change.
Many advantages:
Oil additives reduce engine wear up to 50 per cent, reduce fuel consumption, minimize the risk of expensive repairs, improve the emergency running properties, ensure lubrication even at low temperatures and prolong the engine’s life cycle.
LIQUI MOLY Oil Additives
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