What are additives and what do they do?

Everybody uses additives:
Additives are added to fuel, motor oil, gear box oil and coolant to improve their properties. Every litre coming out of the gasoline pump and every litre oil coming out of the canister originally contains additives. Without additives neither fuel nor motor oil could show the performance they need to. Modern vehicles would barely move if filled up with fuel containing no additives. Oil without additives wouldn’t withstand the forces in modern motors und cause their breakdown. So additives are not only well tolerated – indeed they are vital for vehicles. And every car driver permanently uses them.
Many tasks:
Additive’s tasks are cleaning, preserving, reducing wear, improving quality, protecting from corrosion, impeding foam, and improving performance. LIQUI MOLY offers additives for all established engine technologies. Their effectiveness is proven by many field tests.
Additives help you to save money:
Our additives have several obvious advantages like reduced fuel consumption or a smoother running engine. Even more valuable are the indirect advantages. An engine, an oil circulation and a fuel system cleaned and preserved by LIQUI MOLY’s additives increase the reliability of the engine, help to prevent expensive repairs and to prolong the life time of the vehicle. In the course of a car’s life this easily adds up to several thousand Euros.
Fair performance:
Additives are useful devices but no miracle cure. Yes, they may help
for example to reduce fuel consumption. And no, promises like “fuel consumption reduced by one third” are physical absurdities and completely untrustworthy. You won’t hear such claims from LIQUI MOLY. There may be vendors of additives who promise such miracles – leaving behind frustrated and disappointed customers. We on the other hand say straightfor wardly what our products can do – and what they can’t do. We don’t want fast sales but customers who are happy with our products in the long run.


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