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J-SPORT Automotive GmbH Performance Kits
for TOYOTA & LEXUS vehicles!

New! DEPK - J-Sport Diesel Performance Kits for your Toyota and Lexus vehicle, incl. wide warranty package. Perfect for your new car or vehicles with factory warranty. Developed from the ex-employees of the Toyota Motorsport GmbH.

J-Sport Automotive GmbH DEPKA Leistungssteigerungen Toyota Lexus


We offer professional performance improvements for your vehicle, inclusive installation and TÜV registration! Certified products including warranty packages! DTE Systems - Chiptuning and gaspedal optimizations made to measure! As an expert partner, we and the technicians of DTE-Systems are always in position to access directly to the installed chip tuning kits, or pedalboxes in your vehicle. Thus for individual adjustments, changes, or software updates, uploaded in real time and without great effort. We provide perfect performance improvements and a special service, whether for new vehicles, and oldsmobiles!


Meguiars Fachhändler / Großhändler


We sell only high quality products! Please notice the TÜV markings on our onlineshop. We worked hard, meaningful to identify which products comply with the rules of european traffic regulations, and which are limited exclusively to motorsports. If you are unsure or if you need some more information, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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