USB / AUX Bluetooth Receiver for Toyota / Lexus Vehicles

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USB / AUX Bluetooth Receiver for Toyota / Lexus Vehicles

USB bluetooth receiver for easy retrofit in your Toyota & Lexus vehicle that have no bluetooth integrated with the standart radio or navigation system.

The bluetooth receiver is pluged into the exiting USB port of your vehicle. The receiver is designed to automatically connect with the Toyota radio or navigation system. Once you have activated the music playback option via USB, the music is played from your mobile phone, tablet, or other device via the Toyota factory radio.

The bluetooth receiver must first be paired with your mobile phone. Simply activate bluetooth on your device and connect to the receiver. All current operating systems are supported. Paring works with Android and Apple iOS.

The bluetooth receiver supports the operation of the factory radio, as well as the multifunction steering wheel. Playslists can be cahnged and titel can be rewound forwards or backwards.

For Toyota & Lexus vehicles without factory USB interface we preffer our retrofit USB / AUX interface witch is available on separate purchase order. The sample layout shows its use in a Toyota Corolla E12 with TNS600 navigation system and our retrofitted interface.

USB / AUX Bluetooth Receiver Toyota / Lexus

The USB bluetooth receiver connects automatically to the vehicle as soon as the connection is active. Music playback starts at the last playback point (tested by us with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod)

In addition, there is a 3.5mm AUX stero jack plug on the tio of the case, which enables analogue music recording. Multifunction steering wheels or operations via the external device (radio) is not possible with AUX playback.

The handsfree function of your mobile phone can be used with the USB bluetooth receiver. The phone call will then be played through the speakers of your vehicle. The microphone of your mobile phone will continue used. There is no need to install a retrofitable

  • USB / AUX Bluetooth Receiver for digital and analog music import on your Toyota & Lexus radio or navigationsystem
  • Easy Plug & Play installation into the USB connection port of your vehicle
  • No configuration required. Receiver comes ready for use.
  • Handsfree telephone option
  • inclusive additional AUX connection for analog music import.
  • Wireless ranche 5 - 10m
  • supports Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
  • supports A2DP, AVRCP, AVDTP, HFP and HASP
  • Sound output rate: 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
  • inclusive 3.5mm pavl cable


Tuning and accessories always means a change of components different from the series state of a vehicle, such as modifications of the wheel / tire combinations, suspensions, parts like spoilers, skirts or other lamps like headlights, their use in the approval document (vehicle registration certificate) were not provided for the vehicle type. Vehicles must be roadworthy and reliable after successful installation of tuning or aftermarket parts.

Modifications you make on your vehicle should always be presented to an officially recognized inspection organization (TUEV, KUES, or for example DEKRA). Depending on the included reports, a decrease, or control of the respective components and their assembly is required. Accessory parts with a registration free E-mark (E-approval), such as lamps, headlights, tailights, or exhaust systems, it is advisable to check the installation by an expert. At registration free accessories, this service is usually even for free, because changes made void the approval of the vehicle when it is not immediately performed and confirmed the prescribed full road modification acceptance, or if certain requirements are not met.

Painting, assembly, and TÜV registration incur additional costs, which are not included in the purchase price of the item. Please understand that a decrease in the vehicle changes, or an entry in the vehicle papers by our consulting work is not guaranteed, even if the item comes with an TUEV-approval. Through our many years of experience, we are a professional partner on all TUEV and legalizing questions on automotive and performance parts. We also now the legal provisions of the MFK and the ASA very well, and we are able to assist on the approval of various parts in Switzerland.

Notice: we are a German company, therefore the target of the TUEV-identifications of our products offered exclusively by German law. We do not guarantee that the included reports or documents comply with the laws or street legalizing rules in other countries.


We offer a wide range of accessories for motorsport and racing cars. This products are not TUEV approved and not scheduled for use on public streets. Motorsport products and goods are referred to, who have no technical inspection, or no TUEV approval, like import parts. Important: vehicle accessory parts they comes only with a material certificate through §21, are not TUEV-approved automotive parts!  For this special items, we recommend that you consult a licensed experteer before purchasing.


All offered items on our onlineshop and website have meaningful participate labels that are displayed on the items detail page. You can see immediately which items are approved or not. You can also find more informations about the TUEV approval in the following marking sheet, or, in each item description.

These participate labels are manufactured in our onlineshop / website for you:

TÜV-Kennzeichnung: TÜV-Frei TUEV-FREE:
This product is TUEV-Free. It is not necessary to consult an officially recognized expert, or monitoring organization.
TÜV-Kennzeichnung: Mit Gutachten TUEV-APPROVED:
This product comes with TUEV-Homologated certificate. Depending on the item a §19 TUEV parts certificate, an EC-type approval or, for example an EEC certificate will be delivered with the part, which confirms the legalizing for public street use. After mounting it is recommanded that you consult an officially recognized expert, or monitoring organization to confirming the proper conversion.
TÜV-Kennzeichnung: Nicht TÜV geprüft! Motorsport Artikel NOT TUEV-APPROVED:
This product will be delivered without any homologations or certificates. Necessary a §21 material certificate or, for example a proof of strength document will be available. However, these documents are no valid TUEV-homologations. Perhaps this item can be legalized for street legal use about §21 by individual approval or special loss. We have limited the operating range exclusively on racing cars or show cars. (Motorsport use)
TÜV-Kennzeichnung: Mit E-Prüfzeichen E-MARKED:
This product is marked with an E-approval and confirms the legalizing for street legal use. Seperately certificates or documents are not included unless the manufacturer does provide. E-markings are often find on lighting units, such as headlights, tailights, or exhaust systems. It is not necessary to consult an officially recognized expert, or monitoring organization.
TÜV-Kennzeichnung: Nur mit DOT-Prüfzeichen DOT-MARKED:
This product is not E-marked and not approved for the use on public streets in Europe. Perhaps the product is marked with the amerikan DOT-approval. However, this is not sufficient by German and European road traffic licensing law. If necessary, it can be carried a TÜV registration by an officially recognized expert, or a monitoring organization. We have limited the operating range exclusively on racing cars or show cars. (Motorsport use)
TÜV-Kennzeichnung: Keine Zulassung nach StVZO NOT STREET LEGAL:
This product does not not comply with the rules of street legal use. We have limited the operating range exclusively on racing cars or show cars. (Motorsport use)

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